Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plastikman - Artifakts (bc) (1998)

In the circuitous notes that accompany this release, Canadian producer Richie Hawtin attempts to explain why Artifakts (BC) should be viewed as his third Plastikman album rather than what is in reality his fourth. Instead of pondering the details, suffice it to say he regards this release as the proper close of a trilogy that started with 1993's Sheet One, continued with 1994's Musik, and got diverted by 1998's Consumed. Musically, it makes perfect sense. Artifakts (BC) picks up on the elementary bass and beat soundscapes that earmarked the debut. Once again, Hawtin strips away any trace of melody or orchestration from his songs, allowing them to form out of the rudimentary rhythm patterns and his own cool indifference. Rarely has such excessive self-indulgence sounded so mesmerizing. --Aidin Vaziri
1. Korridor
2. Psyk
3. Pakard
4. Hypokondriak
5. Rekall
6. Skizofrenik
7. Are Friends Elektrik?

Quality: 192 kbps cbr

Download: P-A.part1.rar


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