Tuesday, August 26, 2008

György Ligeti - Mechanical Music (1997)

Although Gyorgy Ligeti is best known for his eerie, tonally ambiguous choral and orchestral writing (immortalized in 2001: A Space Odyssey), this collection of works for musical automata--player piano, barrel organ, and metronomes--includes some of his most astonishing music. The player piano pieces are an exhilarating, intensely physical roller-coaster ride through superhuman tempi and dynamic extremes--an intriguing marriage of artifice and human invention. While clearly indebted to the influence of Nancarrow, Ligeti's player piano works are more approachable than Nancarrow's rigorous etudes, revealing the sense of humor that distinguishes Ligeti from his more ponderous contemporaries. Likewise, the controversial prank piece Metronomes foreshadows the phasing experiments of Reich with its intricate cross-rhythms created by metronomes marking time simultaneously at different speeds. Perhaps most fascinating of all are Ligeti's compositions for computer-modified barrel organ--a hand-cranked, calliope-like instrument popular with itinerant musicians in the 1700s. --Dennis Rea

1. Continuum (Instrumental)
2. Hungarian Rock (Instrumental)
3. Capriccio No.1 (Instrumental)
4. Invention (Instrumental)
5. Capriccio No.2 (Instrumental)
6. Pohme Symphonique for 100 Metronomes (Instrumental)
7. Musica Ricercata/I. Sostenuto - Misurato - Prestissimo (Instrumental)
8. Musica Ricercata/II. Mesto, rigido e cerimoniale (Instrumental)
9. Musica Ricercata/III. Allegro con spirito (Instrumental)
10. Musica Ricercata/IV. Tempo de Valse (poco vivace - ` l'orgue de Barbarie) (Instrumental)
11. Musica Ricercata/V. Rubato. Lamentoso (Instrumental)
12. Musica Ricercata/VI. Allegro molto capriccioso (Instrumental)
13. Musica Ricercata/VII. Cantabile, molto legato (Instrumental)
14. Musica Ricercata/VIII. Vivace. Energico (Instrumental)
15. Musica Ricercata/IX. (Bila Bartsk in memoriam) Adago. Mesto - Allegro maestoso (Instrumental)
16. Musica Ricercata/X. Vivace. Capriccioso (Instrumental)
17. Musica Ricercata/XI. (Omaggio a Girolamo Frescobaldi) Andante misurato e tranquillo (Instrumental)
18. Itudes pour piano, adapted for Player Piano/X. Der Zauberlehrling: Prestissimo, staccatissimo, leggierissimo (Instrumental)
19. Itudes pour piano, adapted for Player Piano/IX. Vertige: Prestissimo sempre molto legato, sehr gleichma_ig (Instrumental)
20. Itudes pour piano, adapted for Player Piano/XI. En suspens: Andante con moto, "avec l'iligance du swing" (Instrumental)
21. Itudes Pour Piano, Adapted For Player Piano/XIII. L'Escalier Du Diable: Presto Legato Ma Leggiero (Instrumental)
22. Itudes pour piano, adapted for Player Piano/XIVa. Coloana fara sfbrsit: Presto possibile, tempestoso con fuoco (Instrumental)
23. Itudes pour piano, adapted for Player Piano/VII. Galamb borong: Vivacissimo luminoso, legato possibile (Instrumental)
24. Continuum (Instrumental)

Quality: 192 kbps cbr

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