Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chicago Underground Quartet - Chicago Underground Quartet (2001)


  1. Tunnel Chrome

  2. Four In The Evening

  3. A Re-Occurring Dream

  4. Welcome

  5. Three In The Morning

  6. Total Recovery

  7. Sink, Charge, Fixture

  8. Wo Ist Der Kuchen, Meine Frau

  9. Nostalgia

Quality: 192 kbps cbr



Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sun Ra - Lanquidity (1978)


  1. Lanquidity

  2. Where Pathways Meet

  3. That's How I Feel

  4. Twin Stars Of Thence

  5. There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)

Quality: 320 kbps cbr



Isotope 217 - Utonian Automatic (1999)


  1. LUH

  2. Audio Champion

  3. New Beyond

  4. Rest For The Wicked

  5. Looking After Life On Mars

  6. Solaris

  7. Real MC's

Quality: 192 kbps cbr



Francis Dhomont - Forêt Profonde (1996)


  1. Chambre D’Enfants

  2. À L’Orée Du Conte

  3. Chambre Interdite

  4. Il Camino Di Nostra Vita

  5. Les Enchantements De L’Imagination

  6. Antichambre

  7. La Muraille D’Epines

  8. Chambre Des Ténébres

  9. Forêt Furieuse

  10. Musique De Chambre

  11. Sortilèges

  12. Chambre De Lumière

  13. Fantasme, Mode D’emploi

Quality: 192 kbps vbr



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pram - Dark Island (2002)


  1. Track Of The Cat

  2. Penny Arcade

  3. The Pawnbroker

  4. Paper Hats

  5. Peepshow

  6. Sirocco

  7. The Archivist

  8. Goodbye

  9. Leeward

  10. Distant Islands

Quality: 192 kbps cbr



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009

John Scofield - 30.06.2009 at Wuk Vienna

english by Google:
A bit of heat needed to be able to tolerate even at yesterday's concert by John Scofield on Wuk.

"It's very hot here," said a visibly sweaty John Scofield in German. How right he was! Rain clouds threatened yesterday
over the city, they are now given way to intense sunlight. Granted, you can see them in Wuk not much. But it is felt, the heat,
indoors and outdoors. Inside, perhaps even more. Not only because a battery of searchlights to provide additional degrees of heat, but also because sveral hundred people standing close together, and because in addition to the stage with John Scofield's band select switch to turn on heat.
"Sco", as he has affectionately call his fans, many, as he explains, "old songs" from his new and latest CD, "Piety Street" brought back, and this album consists mainly of interpretations of southern gospel songs. Since then, the guitar needs to whine and beg for spiritual help, as Jon Cleary may will explore with organ, guitar and singing sensation intensities, there must praise the Lord and "Something Got A Hold On Me" sung. For is not utmost vigilance actually announced?

Because that is still shaken well before the break, first heat victim from the hall. A photographer who was standing close to the stage, and is wrinkled by years aged into the open. "I am so hot!" He could see at least Sco. Others, including 2.10 m Gardemaß to see only his, dignified by a fringe of hair framed head. Very young people threaten to crush the dark between sandals and high heels lost or evaporate too. One can did not drink as much as you need to sweat.

Only Sco seems to be the little annoying. Of course, it also runs in heavy torrents of sweat from his head, so it probably Jon Cleary and drummer Ricky Fataar sometimes wear caps and hats, but otherwise brings the music with mitschunkelbaren Hank Williams songs, the audience waving radiant blue phones. Then he heats with rock solos to dance again. The degrees of heat corresponding original sound way, is "Pooh", which is supported by an "air-waving-hand-movement".

And somehow I'm not going on at the sight of the feeling that this Gitarrenpyromane simmers just the right time at right place.
Some time ago I talked with him about local and regional music scenes. Yesterday, I stood with him on the Ratshausvorplatz to Music to hear from Armenia, Korea and Austria. And today he is here with hot jazz rock the gospel at the Jazz Fest Wien Vielvölkermusik a To enrich facet. So everything comes together, internationalism on a local basis. "Vienna is a beautiful city. I hope to come back. But now we take a shower once. Two hours. Uh, of course, alone! "

A good idea. Some whisper that waits outside the entrance a group of Finnish sauna master on the audience. Let's see. And what are Cubans from the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club, which today occur in the Vienna State Opera, say to that?
Harald Justin

On stage
He is regarded as a giant of jazz guitar, in 1951 in Ohio, USA, born guitarist and composer John Scofield.
With its new program, "Piety Street," he returns to the 60s of last century, when the Jazz Guitar experienced a Hochblütezeit.
Scofield, as it transports the 60s to today.

With his band he put "Piety Street" on 30 June at this year's Jazz Fest at the WUK in Vienna. Giselher Smekal presents the highlights of the concert.


Titel: Signation ON STAGE
length: 00:13 min

composer: trad./arr.J.Scofield
solo by: John Scofield: John Cleary, org + p + voc, (g); Donald Ramsey, b + voc; Ricky Fataar, dr, voc; John Scofield, g, (voc
length: 13:20 min

composer: trad./arr.Scofield
solo by: John Scofield;
length: 07:02 min

composer: trad./arr.Scofield
solo by: John Scofield; John Cleary, voc
length: 11:29 min

composer: Rev.Thomas A.Dorsey/arr.trad.
solo by: John Scofield; Donald Ramsey, voc
length: 09:17 min

composer: Dorothy Love Coates/arr.Scofield
solo by: John Scofield; John Cleary, voc
length: 05:23 min

composer: Charles Gabriel/T: Civilla Martin/ arr.Scofield
solo by: John Scofield; John Cleary, voc
length: 04:41 min

composer: Armsted/Ashford/Simpson/arr.Scofield
solo by: John Scofield ; John Cleary, voc + g!
length: 07:48 min

composer: Hank Williams/arr.Scofield
solo by: John Scofield ; John Cleary, voc
length: 12:45 min

composer: John Scofield
solo by: John Scofield ; all voc
length: 09:48 min

John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009 - 01. On Stage Intro
John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009 - 02. MOTHERLESS CHILD
John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009 - 03. GLORYLAND
John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009 - 04. WALK WITH ME
John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009 - 05. NEVER TURN BACK
John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009 - 06. NINETY-NINE AND A HALF
John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009 - 07. HIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROW
John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009 - 08. I DON'T NEED NO DOCTOR
John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009 - 09. THE ANGEL OF DEATH
John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009 - 10. IT'S A BIG ARMY
John Scofield - Live at Jazzfestival Vienna 2009 - 11. On Stage Outro

Quality: FLAC!
Source: Radio Broadcasting
Size: 547 MB

PW: yaqwedc


Monday, August 24, 2009

George Benson - The Other Side Of Abbey Road - 1969 - A&M Records

Recorded at Van Gelder Studios, New Jersey
October & November 1969.

Release Info -
Artist : George Benson
Album : The Other Side of Abbey Road
Company : A&M Records
Year : 1969

The back up band includes some big jazz names!
Freddie Hubbard, Sonny Fortune, Hubert Laws, Herbie Hancock and Bob James among others.

Just three weeks after the U.S. release of the Beatles' swan song, Abbey Road, Creed Taylor ushered
Benson into the studio to begin a remarkably successful pop/jazz translation of the record. Benson's album
has a lot of the cohesive concept of the Beatles' original despite the scrambled order of the tunes.
Benson is given some room to stretch out on guitar, sometimes in a bluesy groove, and along with some
vocals - more than ever before (1969). Don Sebesky's arrangements roam freely from baroque strings to a
full-throated big band. Freddie Hubbard, Sonny Fortune, Hubert Laws and Bob James get in some worthy solos.
Yet for all its diversity, the record fits together as a whole more tightly than any other George Benson project,
thanks to his versatile talents and the wonderful unity of the Beatles' songs.

Line Up:
Arranger : Don Sebesky
Producer : Creed Taylor
Engineer : Rudy Van Gelder
George Benson (guitar);
Sonny Fortune (alto saxophone);
Jerome Richardson (tenor saxophone);
Don Ashworth (baritone saxophone);
Mel Davis, Bernie Glow, Marvin Stamm (trumpet, flugelhorn);
Freddie Hubbard (trumpet);
Wayne Andre (trombone, euphonium);
Phil Bochner (flute, oboe);
Hubert Laws, Jerome Richardson(flute);
Raoul Poliakin, Max Pollikoff (violin);
Emmanuel Vardi (viola);
George Ricci (cello);
Herbie Hancock, Ernie Hayes, Bob James (piano, organ, harpsichord);
Ron Carter, Gary Jemmott (bass);
Idris Muhammed, Ed Shaugnessy (drums);
Ray Barretto, Andy Gonzalez (percussion).


  1. 01 Golden Slumbers 1:39

  2. 02 You Never Give Me Your Money 3:08

  3. 03 Because 0:34

  4. 04 Come Together 6:50

  5. 05 Oh! Darling 4:00

  6. 06 Here Comes The Sun 2:33

  7. 07 I Want You (She's So Heavy) 6:27

  8. 08 Something 2:53

  9. 09 Octopus's Garden 1:38

  10. 10 The End 1:54

Length: 31min 36sec
Quality: 320 CBR
Source: Vinyl
Size: 75 MB

PW: yaqwedc


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bernard Parmegiani - La Création Du Monde (1982-1984)


  1. Lumière Noire

    1. Moins L'infini

    2. Instant 0

    3. Premières Forces - Premières Formes

  2. Métamorphose Du Vide

    1. Lumière

    2. Jeux De Configurations

    3. Échos / Mélopées

  3. Signes De Vie

    1. Cellules

    2. Aquatisme

    3. Polyphonie

    4. Expression 1

    5. Expression 2

    6. Réalité

Quality: 192 kbps cbr



Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tetsu Inoue - Waterloo Terminal (1998)


  1. Room FX

  2. DSP Terminal

  3. Digital Fiction

  4. Arc Texture

  5. Synthetic Doom

  6. Hi-Fi Static

  7. Formant Pink

  8. System.0.1 In C Major

Quality: 256 kbps vbr



Cluster - Cluster ‘71 (1971)


  1. 15:33

  2. 7:39

  3. 21:17

Quality: 256 kbps vbr



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Manuel Göttsching - Inventions For Electric Guitar (1975)


  1. Echo Waves

  2. Quasarsphere

  3. Pluralis

Quality: 256 kbps cbr



Hematic Sunsets - Rendezvous Im Aroma-Club (1999)


  1. Das Kleine Opfer

  2. Ölfäuste

  3. Viel Zu Eng

  4. Amour Lunaire

  5. Ahh, Wie Das Brennt

  6. Himmelsleiter

  7. Fussel Im Saft

  8. Penis Kultur Kommando

  9. Frottierzapfen

  10. Gasmasken In Der Nacht

  11. Welche Welt

  12. Das Lied Vom Ende

Quality: 192 kbps cbr



African Head Charge - Songs of Praise (1991)


  1. Free Chant

  2. Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline & Dignity

  3. Hymn

  4. Dervish Chant

  5. Hold Some More

  6. Healing Father

  7. Healing Ceremony

  8. Cattle Herders Chant

  9. Ethiopian Praises

  10. My God

  11. Gospel Train

  12. Chant For The Spirits

  13. God Is Great

  14. Deer Spirit Song

Quality: 192 kbps cbr



Cyro Baptista - Banquet of the Spirits (2008)


  1. Tutuboli

  2. Bird Boy

  3. Macunaima (A Hero, Warrior And Character)

  4. Mumakata

  5. Nana & Tom

  6. Tupinambas

  7. Argan

  8. Typing With Oswald De Andrade

  9. Lamento Mourisco

  10. Malinye

  11. Anthropofagia

Quality: 192 kbps cbr



Friday, August 7, 2009

Christopher Willits + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Ocean Fire (2007)


  1. Toward Water

  2. Umi

  3. Sea Plains

  4. Sentience

  5. Chi-Yu

  6. Cold Heat

  7. Ocean Sky Remains

Quality: 320 kbps cbr



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Asmus Tietchens - Musik Unter Tage (1983)

unter tage

  1. Strenge Klänge

  2. Dämmerattacke

  3. Gelber Himmel

  4. Maschine 6B

  5. Einer 5

Quality: 192 kbps cbr



Saturday, August 1, 2009

Badawi - Bedouin Sound Clash (1996)


  1. Suspicions

  2. Suspicious Dub

  3. Pressurizor

  4. Big Foot

  5. Attack Of The Giant Fruit Flies

  6. FX-57 Missile

  7. Lack Of Oxygen To The Brain

  8. Lack Of Dub To The Brain

  9. Cyborg Stepper

  10. Hi Fashion Version

  11. Audio Bomb Squad

  12. Turbo Auto Drive

  13. Badawi Dub

  14. Chamber Of Dub

  15. Snake Charmer

Quality: 192 kbps cbr



Tod Dockstader - Quatermass (1992)


Water Music / Two Moons Of Quatermass / Quatermass

  1. Part One

  2. Part Two

  3. Part Three

  4. Part Four

  5. Part Five

  6. Part Six

  7. First Moon

  8. Second Moon

  9. Song And Lament

  10. Tango

  11. Parade

  12. Flight

  13. Second Song

Quality: 224 kbps cbr