Tuesday, May 26, 2009

John Zorn - Masada Sextet/Masada String Trio/Uri Caine

Masada Sextet Jazz in Marciac 2009

John Zorn - Sax
Dave Douglas - Trompet
Greg Cohen - Bass
Uri Caine - Piano
Joey Baron - Drums
Cyro Baptista - Percussion

1. Tharsis
2. Azazel
3. Beeroth
4. Psisya
5. Haamiah
6. Abidan
7. Lilin

Book Of Angels:

Masada String Trio Plays "Azazel"

Mark Feldman - Violin
Greg Cohen - Bass
Erik Friedlander - Cello


Uri Caine plays "Moloch"

Uri Caine - Piano


Jazz In Marciac'09

Monday, May 11, 2009

MMW - Radiolarians II (2009)

Medeski Martin & Wood released the second installment of The Radiolarian Series on April 14th, 2009.Created July 2008, Radiolarians II demonstrates MMW's bold and wild side. Strong rock riffs and hooks butt up against noise, and classic jazz seamlessly. The jazz tunes on this record feel fresh, yet familiar.




Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miles Davis (Kind Of Blue - 50th Anniversary Edition DVD)

Everyone who loves good jazz or music in general will know this album,so just a quick note on the quality of the discs. Perhaps I was lucky but my three discs were all right. The DVD had a slight mark in one spot,however it too was ok. The audio discs were fine. However I can't believe that the brains at Sony couldn't find a better way to package the three discs,instead of slipping them bare into a half cardboard sleeve. My 180 gram vinyl record was also in good shape. I have transferred the three discs into traditional plastic cases for protection. The book is very handsome and is well done. The poster is ok-nothing to get excited over. The photo reprints are nice as is the copy of the hand written album notes by Bill Evans. I still think this set is a bit on the expensive side,considering that this album has reaped a ton of profit. For Davis and jazz collectors it will be a "must buy". For everyone else,maybe the price will come down in the future.

Music DVD

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

James Carter - J C on the set

James carter is a throwback to the days when saxophonists walked with a certain swagger, had their own signature sounds and didn't need microphones to be heard. What makes his debut, JC on the Set, so remarkable is not a matter of chops but of depth. Carter has a conspicuous gift for the entire post-Coltrane jazz vocabulary and a genuine affection for pre-Charlie Parker saxophone techniques, too.

In fact, Carter seems to play the entire history of the saxophone within a single solo. With unflagging lyricism and commanding sound, he takes flag-waving lines like those in "Baby Girl Blues" or "Lunatic" and evokes the dueling saxophones of a thousand cutting sessions. The effect can be daunting, as he crowds idea upon idea like a crush of blood cells trying to squeeze through one capillary. It is a youthful shortcoming for an such an uncommonly mature musician, but it never undercuts the power of this record, as Carter shows prodigious emotional facility, muscular tone and a stunning sense of swing on tenor, baritone and alto.

Carter covers the Ellington standards "Caravan" and "Sophisticated Lady" on baritone – the latter all suave elegance and lyric restraint, the former visceral, gusty and free – and he suggests the entire Ellington reed section all by his lonesome. On "Hour of Parting" he invokes the pear-shaped romantic inflection of alto giants Benny Carter and Johnny Hodges, while his rendition of unsung tenor giant Don Byas' "Worried and Blues" is husky yet tender in the macho tradition of Coleman Hawkins and his children.

As a composer, James Carter favors the tenor's heraldic blues legacy. On the title tune and "Blues for a Nomadic Princess" he employs old-time slap-tonguing effects one minute and then ascends into the stratosphere with fervent chromatic cries the next – from swing time to no time and back with no loss of focus.

Carter's band is excellent, playing with tremendous grace and integrity. While JC on the Set is an imposing debut, it will be fascinating to see how Carter evolves. But even at this early stage in his development, Carter is the most exciting young saxophonist to arrive on the scene in the past 25 years.




* 1991: Tough Young Tenors: Alone Together
* 1994: J.C. on the Set
* 1995: Jurassic Classics
* 1995: The Real Quietstorm
* 1996: Conversin' with the Elders
* 1998: In Carterian Fashion
* 2000: Layin' in the Cut
* 2000: Chasin' the Gypsy
* 2003: Gardenias for Lady Day
* 2004: Live at Baker's Keyboard Lounge
* 2005: Out of Nowhere
* 2005: Gold Sounds (Tribute to Pavement)
* 2008: "Present tense"

James Carter - in carterian fashion

James (Larry) Carter (born January 3, 1969) is an American jazz musician.

Carter was born in Detroit, Michigan and learned to play there before moving to New York City. He has been prominent as a performer and recording artist on the jazz scene since the mid-1990s, playing saxophones, flute, and bass clarinet. As a young man, he attended Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and was a member of the group, Bird-Trane-Sco-Now. On his album, Chasin' the Gypsy (2000), he recorded with his cousin Regina Carter, a jazz violinist. Carter has won the critics' choice award for baritone saxophone three years in a row from
Down Beat magazine. He has played on albums with Cyrus Chestnut, Wynton Marsalis and the Mingus Big Band. James is a big fan of P.Mauriat saxophones, recording his latest album "Present Tense" exclusively with P.Mauriat horns. James has now been an active endorser of the brand for several years.

# Audio CD (May 19, 1998)
# Original Release Date: May 19, 1998
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Atlantic / Wea

1. Lianmo (LP Version) 4:54
2. Down To The River (LP Version) 4:03
3. Don's Idea (LP Version) 5:11
4. Skull Grabbin' (LP Version) 6:36
5. Odyssey (LP Version) 7:59
6. Trouble In The World (LP Version) 6:47
7. Escape From Bizarro World (LP Version) 6:03
8. Frisco Follies (LP Version) 6:44
9. Lockjaw's Lament (LP Version) 7:26
10. In Carterian Fashion (LP Version) 6:28

Download: Music


* 1991: Tough Young Tenors: Alone Together
* 1994: J.C. on the Set
* 1995: Jurassic Classics
* 1995: The Real Quietstorm
* 1996: Conversin' with the Elders
* 1998: In Carterian Fashion
* 2000: Layin' in the Cut
* 2000: Chasin' the Gypsy
* 2003: Gardenias for Lady Day
* 2004: Live at Baker's Keyboard Lounge
* 2005: Out of Nowhere
* 2005: Gold Sounds (Tribute to Pavement)
* 2008: "Present tense"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra - Talkatif (2002)


  1. Gabe's New Joint

  2. Talkatif

  3. Hypocrite

  4. World Without Fear

  5. War Is a Crime

  6. Nyash

  7. N.E.S.T.A. 75

Quality: 256 kbps cbr

Download: -
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tujiko Noriko - Blurred In My Mirror (2005)


  1. Niagara Hospital

  2. Tablet For Memory

  3. I'm Not Dreaming, King

  4. Switch Of The Sun In You

  5. Shayou (Setting Sun)

  6. Tennisplayer Makes A Smile

  7. Magpies And Mornings

Quality: 224 kbps vbr

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/202182318/tujikomirror.rar


Frog Eyes - The Folded Palm (2004)


  1. The Fence Feels Its Post

  2. The Akhian Press

  3. I Like Dot Dot Dot

  4. Bells In The Crooked Port

  5. New Soft Motherhood Alliance

  6. Ship Destroyer

  7. The Heart That Felt Its Light

  8. The Oscillator's Hum

  9. Important Signals Will Break The Darkness (This I Hope)

  10. New Tappy Is Heard And Beheld

  11. Ice On The Trail

  12. A Library Used To Be (Black Hole And Its Concentrated Edges)

  13. Russian Berries But You're Quiet Tonight

Quality: 256 kbps cbr

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/228479698/foldpalm.zip


DJ Spooky - Optometry (2002)


  1. Ibid, Désmarches, Ibid

  2. Reactive Switching Strategies For The Control Of Uninhabited Air

  3. Variation Cybernétique: Rhythmic Pataphysic (Part I)

  4. Asphalt (Tome II)

  5. Optometry

  6. Sequentia Absentia (Dialectical Triangulation I)

  7. Rosemary

  8. Dementia Absentia (Dialectical Triangulation II)

  9. Parachutes

  10. Absentia Absentia (Dialectical Triangulation III)

  11. Variation Cybernétique: Rhythmic Pataphysic (Part II)

  12. Périphique

  13. It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, World

Quality: 192 kbps cbr

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/228458914/optometry.zip