Friday, August 15, 2008

Boards of Canada - Geogaddi (2002)


  1. Ready Lets Go

  2. Music Is Math

  3. Beware The Friendly Stranger

  4. Gyroscope

  5. Dandelion

  6. Sunshine Recorder

  7. In The Annexe

  8. Julie And Candy

  9. The Smallest Weird Number

  10. 1969

  11. Energy Warning

  12. The Beach At Redpoint

  13. Opening The Mouth

  14. Alpha And Omega

  15. I Saw Drones

  16. The Devil Is In The Details

  17. A Is To B As B Is To C

  18. Over The Horizon Radar

  19. Dawn Chorus

  20. Diving Station

  21. You Could Feel The Sky

  22. Corsair

  23. Magic Window

  24. From One Source All Things Depend

Quality: 192 kbps cbr




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