Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Locust / Melt-Banana - Split EP (2002)

[tag]grindcore[/tag] meets [tag]noise-rock[/tag]


  1. How To Become A Virgin (The Locust)

  2. Who Wants A Dose Of The Clap (The Locust)

  3. Twenty-Three Lubed-Up Schizophrenics With Delusions of Grandeur (The Locust)

  4. Priest With the Sexually-Transmitted Diseases Get Out of my Bed (The Locust)

  5. The Half-Eaten Sausage Would Like to See you In His Office (The Locust)

  6. Too Rough To Scoop (Find A Grain of Greed) (Melt-Banana)

  7. Creeps In A White Cake (Melt-Banana)



John Zorn - Six Litanies For Heliogabalus (2007)

freak-out-jazz-metal-whatever in cooperation with Mike Patton again


  1. Litany I

  2. Litany II

  3. Litany III

  4. Litany IV

  5. Litany V

  6. Litany VI

Download: [Part 1], [Part 2]


Merzbow - 24 Hours: A Day Of Seals (2002)

i just recognized there are 2 discs (3+4) of 4 missing - they'll follow in case i find them


Disc 1

  1. Good Morning Azarashi

  2. Mincle No Uta

  3. Tetsu's Parade

  4. Rising King Penguin

  5. Dugong

Disc 2

  1. Charcoal Gray Clouds

  2. Industrial Barbecue

Download: [Part 1], [Part 2]


Einstürzende Neubauten - Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T. (1983)

one of their best early [tag]industrial[/tag] recordings. english translations are to be found here


  1. Vanadium-I-Ching

  2. Hospitalistische Kinder / Engel Der Vernichtung

  3. Abfackeln!

  4. Neun Arme

  5. Herde

  6. Merle

  7. Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T.

  8. Finger Und Zähne

  9. Falschgeld

  10. Styropor

  11. Armenia

  12. Die Genaue Zeit

  13. DNS Wasserturn

  14. Wardrobe

  15. Blutvergiftung



Yasunao Tone - Solo For Wounded CD (1997)

[...]this album is a recording of the sound that results when a CD is altered so that instead of producing the recording it contains, it skips, squeaks, stutters, and otherwise produces error-generated sounds[...]


  1. Part I

  2. Part II



John Zorn, Ikue Mori, Mike Patton - Hemophiliac (2002)

rather demanding record by John Zorn (saxophone), Ikue Mori (electronics) and Mike Patton (vocals). enjoy this piece of ferocious [tag]improvisation[/tag]


  1. Skin Eruptions

  2. Edema

  3. Stretch Marks

  4. The Stitch

  5. Malabsorption

  6. High Anxiety

  7. Dizzy Spells

  8. Mood Swing

  9. Gotu Kola

  10. Black Kohosh

  11. The Squaw Vine

  12. Blessed Thistle

  13. Silymarin

  14. Red Clover

  15. Chlorophyll Enemas

  16. The Black Radish

  17. Essence of Primrose

  18. Dong Quai

Download: [Disc1], [Disc2]


Boredoms - Soul Discharge ‘99 (2000)

japanese [tag]noise-rock[/tag] - nothing else to say (;


  1. Your Name Is Limitless

  2. Bubblebop Shot

  3. Fifty Two Boredom

  4. Sun Gun Run

  5. Z And U And T And A

  6. TV Scorpion

  7. Pow Wow Now

  8. JB Dick And Tina Turner Pussy

  9. GIL '77

  10. Jup Na Keeeeel

  11. Catastro Mix '99

  12. Milky Way

  13. Songs Without Electric Guitars

  14. Hamaiin Disco Bollocks

  15. Hamaiin Disco Without Bollocks



Naked City - Naked City (1990)

from speed metal over jazz to film music. from hollywood films to b-movies - a befuddling and radical mixture


  1. Batman

  2. The Sicilian Clan

  3. You Will Be Shot

  4. Latin Quarter

  5. A Shot in the Dark

  6. Reanimator

  7. Snagglepuss

  8. I Want to Live

  9. Lonely Woman

  10. Igneous Ejaculation

  11. Blood Duster

  12. Hammerhead

  13. Demon Sanctuary

  14. Obeah Man

  15. Ujaku

  16. Fuck the Facts

  17. Speedball

  18. Chinatown

  19. Punk China Doll

  20. N.Y. Flat Top Box

  21. Saigon Pickup

  22. The James Bond Theme

  23. Den of Sins

  24. Contempt

  25. Graveyard Shift

  26. Inside Straight



Friday, June 29, 2007

New Klezmer Trio - Melt Zonk Rewire (1995)

[tag]jewish[/tag] [tag]klezmer[/tag] [tag]jazz[/tag] mixed up with rock elements


  1. Gas Nine

  2. Sarcophagous

  3. Thermoglypics

  4. The Chant

  5. We Got There

  6. Feedback Doina

  7. Freilakh Nakht

  8. Hypothetical

  9. The Shot

  10. Distiller

  11. Phrases

  12. Fourth Floor

  13. Starting Place



Fred Frith - Gravity (1980)

[...]Gravity is the most lighthearted of Frith's solo output, actually. It is Frith's celebration of dance from all cultures. Perhaps it is the streak of dance-music appreciation that caused him to collaborate on the musical score to Sally Potter's The Tango Lesson. Percussion is light and largely marked with handclaps. The guitars sound twangy and bring folk instrumentation to mind. Violins and horns add a jubilant feel to the music. Many musicians help vary the sound of each track and some of these guests are from Samla Mammas Manna, the Muffins, and Henry Cow. Gravity is an entertaining and multicultural pocket folk festival.

tracks 14-19 are bonus tracks (from the RecRec reissue (1991))


  1. The Boy Beats The Rams (Kluk Tluce Berany)

  2. Spring Any Day Now

  3. Don't Cry For Me

  4. The Hands Of The Juggler

  5. Norrgarden Nyvla

  6. Year Of The Monkey

  7. What A Dilemma

  8. Crack In The Concrete

  9. Come Across

  10. Dancing In The Street / My Enemy Is A Bad Man

  11. Slap Dance

  12. A Career In Real Estate

  13. Dancing In Rockville Maryland

  14. Waking Against Sleep

  15. Terrain

  16. Moeris Dancing

  17. Geistige Nacht

  18. Life At The Top

  19. Oh, Wie Schön Ist Panama!



Thursday, June 28, 2007

Head Wound City - Head Wound City (2005)

Head Wound City is what happens when The Blood Brothers (Jordan Billie) Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Nick Zinner) and The Locust (Justin Pearson, Gabe Serbian) have a drink. 10 crazy minutes of [tag]hardcore[/tag]


  1. Radical Friends

  2. I'm A Taxidermist - I'll Stuff Anything

  3. Prick Class

  4. Street College

  5. New Soak For Our Empty Pocket

  6. Thrash Zoo

  7. Michael J. Fux Feat. Gnarle In Charge




shrieky, fast and loud [tag]noise-rock[/tag] from Japan

Melt-Banana - Speak Squeak Creak
their chaotic debut album


  1. Tail in Garbage

  2. Rragg

  3. In x Out = Bug

  4. Scrubber

  5. So Unfilial Rule

  6. Dust Head

  7. A Teaspoon of Salt

  8. Stick Out

  9. Mouse Is a Biscuit

  10. 55 Hands Need to Cut Down

  11. P-Pop-Slop

  12. Smell the Medicine

  13. Switch

  14. P.B.D.

  15. Mind Thief

  16. Chicken Headed Raccoon Dog

  17. Cry for More Fish

  18. Screw, Loose

  19. Cook Cool Kyau Kuru

  20. Scissor Quiz

  21. Too Many to Dispose

  22. Blandished Hatman

  23. Cut Off

  24. Pierced Eye

  25. untitled


Melt-Banana - Cell-Scape (2003)


  1. Phantasmagoria

  2. Shield for Your Eyes, A Beast in the Well on Your Hand

  3. Dreamer Who Is Too Weak to Face Up To

  4. Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold

  5. Chain-Shot to Have Some Fun

  6. Like a White Bat in a Box, Dead Matters Go On

  7. Key Is a Fact That a Cat Brings

  8. Hunter in the Rain to Cut the Neck Up in the Present Stage

  9. If It Is the Deep Sea, I Can See You There

  10. Outro for Cell-Scape



Alejandro Jodorowsky - El Topo (soundtrack & movie) (1970)

last time i listened to the soundtrack an idea came to my mind: "you could upload this... but.. without having seen the film it's shit to listen to it..". consequently i uploaded the film, too (;
a must have for every fan of [tag]avant-garde[/tag] cinema:


XviD / AVI
432 x 320 px
25 frames / sec

~ 128 kbps mp3
spanish dub / english sub (hardsubbed)

699 MB

Download film: [Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4], [Part 5], [Part 6], [Part 7], [Part 8]

Download Soundtrack


Nurse With Wound - Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella (1979)


The debut Nurse With Wound album lies halfway between the more tuneless explorations of Krautrock and the new industrialism practiced by Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. Across three lengthy tracks, obtuse guitar freak-outs are used to frame distorted synthesizers and mostly rhythm-less drum machines. Though it frequently defies easy analysis, Chance Meeting is one of the more glowing examples of uncompromising industrial-noise of the 1970s.


  1. Two Mock Projections

  2. The Six Buttons Of Sex Appeal

  3. Blank Capsules Of Embroidered Cellophane



Landberk - One Man Tells Another (1994)

more by Landberk


  1. Time

  2. Kontiki

  3. Mirror Man

  4. You Are

  5. Rememberence

  6. Valentinsong

  7. Tell



Ash Ra Tempel - Ash Ra Tempel (1971)

great, [tag]druggy[/tag] [tag]psychedelic rock[/tag]-/ [tag]krautrock[/tag]-debut by german band Ash Ra Tempel. some passages show a striking similarity to [tag]post-rock[/tag] music of the 90s (e.g. GY!BE)

Ich sah die besten Köpfe meiner Generation vom Wahn zerstört hungrig hysterisch nackt im Morgengrauen durch Negerstrassen irrend auf der Suche nach einer tüchtigen Spritze Süchtige mit Engelsköpfen lustentbrannt nach uralter sphärischer Verbindung zum Sternendynamo in der Maschinerie der Nacht die arm zerfetzt hohläugig und blau im übernatürlichen Dunkel von Armerleutswohnungen rauchend sassen schwimmend über dem Häusermeer in Musikekstase die unter der S-Bahn ihr Hirn dem Himmel entblössten und mohammedanische Engel auf Mietskasernendächern erleuchtet taumeln sahn die durch die Universitäten gingen mit strahlend kühlen Augen mit Träumen mit Drogen mit aufpeitschendem Alpdruck Alkohol Schwanz und endlosen Hoden


  1. Amboss

  2. Traummaschine



Fennesz - Venice (2004)

electronic [tag]ambient[/tag] that sounds rather artificial. includes some nice moments.


  1. Rivers Of Sand

  2. Chateau Rouge

  3. City Of Light

  4. Onsra

  5. Circassian

  6. Onsay

  7. The Other Face

  8. Transit

  9. The Point Of It All

  10. Laguna

  11. Asusu

  12. The Stone Of Impermanence



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Low - Drums & Guns

Drums and Guns possesses the unique, subtle beauty and power we’ve come to expect from Low, but the record is also profoundly exciting in ways that it’s easy to forget music can be.

1. Pretty People
2. Belarus
3. Breaker
4. Dragonfly
5. Sandinista
6. Always Fade
7. Dust on the Window
8. Hatchet
9. Your Poison
10. Take Your Time
11. In Silence
12. Murderer
13. Violent Past
PW: Low

Maserati - The Language Of Cities

Sounds like a mix of Russian Circles and Explosions in the Sky.

1. Ambassador Of Cinema
2. The Language
3. Moving With Heavy Hearts
4. Keep It Gold
5. Being A President Is Like Riding A Tiger
6. Cities
7. A Common Interest In Silence
8. There Will Always Be Someone Behind You
PW: Maserati

Don Caballero - What Burns Never Returns

The third album of the math rockers.


1. "Don Caballero 3" – 9:42
2. "In the Absence of Strong Evidence to the Contrary, One May Step Out of the Way of the Charging Bull" – 4:35
3. "Delivering the Groceries at 138 Beats Per Minute" – 5:49
4. "Slice Where You Live Like Pie" – 5:09
5. "Room Temperature Suite" – 5:31
6. "The World in Perforated Lines" – 3:52
7. "From the Desk of Elsewhere Go" – 7:51
8. "June Is Finally Here" – 4:56
PW: Don

Thom Yorke - Spitting Feathers EP

The band leader of Radiohead with his solo project.


1. Drunkk Machine
2. Rat's Nest
3. Jetstream
4. Harrowdown Hill [Extended Mix]
5. Iluvya

PW: Yorke

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

John Zorn - Redbird (1995)

[tag]ambient[/tag]-ish tribute to Agnes Martin. the first track is throughout percussive; the second one is a (quite long) piece for viola, cello, harp and percussions.


  1. Dark River

  2. Redbird



Sun Ra - Atlantis (1969)

listening to this music is like being underwater (just as the title suggests). essential to everyone who is into [tag]experimental[/tag] jazz / music


  1. Mu

  2. Lemuria

  3. Yucatan (Saturn version)

  4. Yucatan (Impulse version)

  5. Bimini

  6. Atlantis



John Zorn - The Gift (2001)

one of zorn's easier albums: [tag]exotica[/tag] and surf-rock sounds slowly converge with a sinister atmosphere.


  1. Makaahaa

  2. The Quiet Surf

  3. Samarkan

  4. Train To Thiensan

  5. Snake Catcher

  6. Mao's Moon

  7. Cutting Stone

  8. La Flor del Barrio

  9. Bridge to the Beyond

  10. Makaahaa (reprise)



Anathallo - Sparrows

Quite experimental Indie Rock.


1. Aaron Held His Peace
2. The Sovereignty of God Is Omnipresent
3. 24
4. A Song for Christine
5. I Thought in My Heart ...
6. Sparrows
7. Just Because You Can't See the Sun Doesn't Mean It's Not Shining
PW: Anathallo

Acid House Kings - Sing Along With Acid House Kings

Sweden just knows how to make some nice indie pop.


1. That's Because You Drive Me
2. Do What You Wanna Do
3. This Heart Is A Stone
4. London School Of Economics
5. 7 Days
6. I Write Summer Songs For No Reason
7. Tonight Is Forever
8. The Saturday Train
9. Sleeping Reinhören
10. Will You Love Me In The Morning?
11. A Long Term Plan
12. Wipe Away Those Tears
PW: Acid

Ratatat - 9 Beats EP

The album title says it all. 9 great Beats by the electro duo Ratatat.


Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
PW: Ratatat

Deerhunter - Cryptograms

Trippy stuff.


1. Intro
2. Cryptograms
3. White Ink
4. Lake Somerset
5. Providence
6. Octet
7. Red Ink
8. Spring Hall Convert
9. Strange Lights
10. Hazel St.
11. Tape Hiss Orchid
12. Heatherwood
PW: Deer

Merzbow - Music For Bondage Performance (1995)

an extraordinary merzbow record - for everyone who doesn't like it that harsh


  1. Hara-Kiri Video [Lost Paradise Theme]

  2. Seishi Seppuku Kei

  3. Ropes in Tears

  4. Aimei Nawa Akita

  5. Lost Paradise [Fire Scene]

  6. Bondage Performance at Homo Fixas



Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Trout Mask Replica (1969)

classic in [tag]experimental[/tag] rock. pretty weird stuff


  1. Frownland

  2. The Dust Blows Forward 'N The Dust Blows Back

  3. Dachau Blues

  4. Ella Guru

  5. Hair Pie: Bake 1

  6. Moonlight on Vermont

  7. Pachuco Cadaver

  8. Bills Corpse

  9. Sweet Sweet Bulbs

  10. Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish

  11. China Pig

  12. My Human Gets Me Blues

  13. Dali's Car

  14. Hair Pie: Bake 2

  15. Pena

  16. Well

  17. When Big Joan Sets Up

  18. Fallin' Ditch

  19. Sugar 'N Spikes

  20. Ant Man Bee

  21. Orange Claw Hammer

  22. Wild Life

  23. She's Too Much For My Mirror

  24. Hobo Chang Ba

  25. The Blimp

  26. Steal Softly Thru Snow

  27. Old Fart at Play

  28. Veteran's Day Poppy

Download: [Part 1], [Part 2]


Raccoo-oo-oon - Behold Secret Kingdom

How would songs sound if you'd throw pretty much all available sounds you find together? Here's Raccoo-oo-oon's impressive answer.


1. Black Branches
2. Mirror Blanket
3. Visage of the Fox
4. Antler Mask
5. Diamonds in the Dunes
6. Invisible Sun
7. Fangs and Arrows
8. Tail at Prospect Peak
PW: Kingdom

Unwed Sailor - The White Ox

Slow Post-Rock with Ambient influences.

Unwed Sailor

1. Shadows
2. Gila
3. Numbers
4. Night Diamond
5. Pelican
6. End
PW: Sailor

Jakob - Cale:Drew

Epic post-rock in the same line as Mogwai or Red Sparowes.


1. "Controle" – 8:53
2. "The Diffusion of Our Inherent Situation" – 6:12
3. "Semaphore" – 6:11
4. "Faye" – 4:45
5. "I Was Hidden" – 5:48
6. "Jimmy Hoffa" – 8:17
7. "Laburnum" – 7:51
8. "Skew...aard" – 9:51
PW: Cale

Hṛṣṭa - Stem Stem In Electro

With Mike Moya, a member of the godlike Godspeed You! Black Emperor, this can't be bad at all. But watch out, there are actually voices in there, although they don't really function as singing but rather as an additional sound.


1. .... and we climb
2. Blood on the sun
3. Quelque chose à propos des raquetteurs
4. Folkways orange
5. Swallow's tail
6. Heaven is yours
7. Gently gently
8. Une infinité de trous en forme d'hommes

International Karate - Weapons Of Mass Protection

Slow, dreamy post-rock for rainy summerdays.

International Karate

1. A Minor Role In A Major Movie
2. The Details Of Your History
3. I Will Hurt You
4. Everyones a Fucking Star
5. Beach House
6. Film
7. There is No-One
8. We Were Like Animals

Karate - Pockets

Wonderful jazzy indie-rock. Sick solos.


1. With Age
2. Water
3. "The State I'm In" aka "Goode Buy from Cobbs Creek Park"
4. Cacophony
5. Alingual
6. Tow Truck
7. Pines
8. Concrete
PW: Taschen

Monday, June 25, 2007

Dredg - El Cielo Blueprints

Rarity by Dredg. Contains demos and songs which didn't make it on the album.

El Cielo Blueprints

  1. Intro of Life

  2. Useless 01

  3. Whoa Is Me (rough)

  4. Three Legged Horse

  5. Useless 02

  6. Raindrops

  7. Beats the Background Chant Whispers

  8. Useless 03

  9. Walters Soundtrack

  10. Walk in the Park (extended rough)

  11. Useless 04

  12. Unplugged at Night

  13. Background Poetry

  14. An Elephant in the Delta Waves (rough)

  15. Krap Eht Ni Klaw

  16. Useless 05

  17. Useless 06

  18. Fucking Smile

  19. Useless 07

  20. Happy Elves

  21. Useless 08

  22. Interview

  23. Del Torro

  24. Vibrating Top-hat

  25. Useless 09

  26. Losing My Talent

  27. Useless 10

  28. Fucking Smile 2

  29. Outro of Death

PW: Dredg

Bohren & der Club Of Gore

Soundtrack to your worst nightmares.

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Gore Motel

Gore Motel

1. Die Nahtanznummer, Teil 2
2. Sabbat Schwarzer Highway
3. Gore Motel
4. Dandys lungern durch die Nacht
5. Dangerflirt mit der Schlägerbitch
6. Conway Twitty zieh mit mir
7. Die Fulci Nummer
8. Der Maggot Tango
9. Texas Keller
10. Trash Altenessen
11. Cairo Keller
12. Gore Musik
PW: Bohren

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Blackearth


1. Midnight Black Earth
2. Crimson Ways
3. Maximum Black
4. Vigilante Crusade
5. Destroying Angels
6. Grave Wisdom
7. Constant Fear
8. Skeletal Remains
9. Art of Coffins
PW: Bohren

Okkyung Lee - Nihm (2005)


Okkyung Lee (cello and composition), with Anthony Coleman (keyboards),
Shelley Hirsch (voice) and jim pugliese (percussion) present a set of songs that evoke unspoken emotions, sighs, heartache and tenderness through unconventional yet expressive musical ways.

A native of korea, okkyung lee has been developing her own voice in a contemporary cello performance, improvisation and composition. using her solid classical training as a springboard, she incorporates jazz, sounds, korean traditional music, noise with extended techniques and create her unique blend of music[...]


  1. On A Windy Day

  2. That Undeniable Empty Feeling

  3. Story Of You And Me

  4. Anything You Say, Anything You (Don't) Say

  5. Returning Point

  6. Home

  7. Deep Blue Knot

  8. Closed Window

  9. Sky

  10. 4:37 Tuesday Morning


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Landberk - Indian Summer (1996)

excellent (and very rare) [tag]prog-rock[/tag] from sweden. nostalgia-bonus: Landberk are using a mellotron.
other albums will follow...


  1. Humanize

  2. All Around Me

  3. 1st Of May

  4. I Wish I Had A Boat

  5. Dustgod

  6. Dreamdance

  7. Why Do I Still Sleep

  8. Indian Summer



Ash Ra Tempel

some [tag]krautrock[/tag] / [tag]prog-rock[/tag] by german band Ash Ra Tempel. the second album posted here tends to be more electronic and [tag]ambient[/tag]-like. enjoy! (:

Ash Ra Tempel - Schwingungen (1972)


  1. Light and Darkness: Light - Look At Your Sun

  2. Light and Darkness: Darkness - Flowers Must Die

  3. Suche

  4. Liebe

Ash Ra Tempel - New Age Of Earth (1976) (pw:


  1. Sunrain

  2. Ocean Of Tenderness

  3. Deep Distance

  4. Nightdust


Naked City - Grand Guignol

an album like a chameleon: changing styles from one second to another. it is seperated into three parts: 1 long piece by john zorn, 7 interpretations of modern classical music, and 33... whatever: by zorn, too. this radical mixture will blow your mind for sure
(John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Yamatsuka Eye, Wayne Horvitz, Joey Baron)


  1. Grand Guignol

  2. La Cathedrale Engloutie (Debussy)

  3. Three Preludes op. 74 (Scriabin): Douloureus, dechirant

  4. Three Preludes op. 74 (Scriabin): Tres Lent, contemplatif

  5. Three Preludes op. 74 (Scriabin): Allegro drammatico

  6. Prophetiae Sybillarum (Orlando Di Lassus)

  7. The Cage (Ives)

  8. Lounge A L'Eternite De Jesus (Messiaern)

  9. Blood is Thin

  10. Thrash Jazz Assasin

  11. Dead Spot

  12. Bonehead

  13. Piledriver

  14. Shangkuan Ling-Feng

  15. Numbskull

  16. Perfume of a Critic's Burning Flesh

  17. Jazz Snob: Eat Shit

  18. The Prestidigitator

  19. No Reason to Believe

  20. Hellraser

  21. Torture Garden

  22. Slan

  23. The Ways of Pain

  24. The Noose

  25. Sack of Shit

  26. Blunt Instrument

  27. Osaka Bondage

  28. Shallow Grave

  29. Kaoru

  30. Dead Dread

  31. Billy Liar

  32. Victims of Torture

  33. Speedfreaks

  34. New Jersey Scum Swamp

  35. S&M Sniper

  36. Pigfucker

  37. Cairo Chop Shop

  38. Facelifter

  39. Whiplash

  40. The Blade

  41. Gob of Spit


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Merzbow - 1930

due to the release on john zorn's [tag]avant-garde[/tag] label Tzadik 1930 is probably masami akita's best known work. listen to these [tag]cathartic[/tag] and skull-crushing walls of [tag]noise[/tag]:


  1. Intro

  2. 1930

  3. Munchen

  4. Degradation of Tapes

  5. Iron, Glass, Blocks & White Lights


Joy Division - Closer

[tag]depressing[/tag] [tag]post-punk[/tag] classic from 1980 and, in my opinion, Joy Division's best album by far. it's a shame about Ian Curtis (who committed suicide)..


  1. Atrocity Exhibition

  2. Isolation

  3. Passover

  4. Colony

  5. A Means To An End

  6. Heart And Soul

  7. Twenty Four Hours

  8. The Eternal

  9. Decades


The Dirty Projectors / Dave Longstreth

[tag]experimental[/tag] [tag]lo-fi[/tag] / [tag]indie-rock[/tag] with extraordinary voice (Dave Longstreth) and instrumentation including dissonances. either this'll get on your nerves or you'll love it:

Dave Longstreth - The Graceful-Fallen Mango


  1. Spring is Here

  2. Follow Me Not If You Still Care

  3. Easily Resigned

  4. I Don't Know

  5. Lay Down Restless Bones

  6. Constellation That's Mine

  7. Time For Bed

  8. She Turns to Ash

  9. What If I

  10. The Graceful-Fallen Mango

  11. Maggie and Me

  12. Everything Will Happen

  13. We Are Striving

  14. Yield, Be Held (Aloft)

  15. At the End of the Day

The Dirty Projectors - The Getty Address


  1. I Sit on the Ridge at Dusk

  2. But in the Headlights

  3. Warholian Wigs

  4. I Will Truck

  5. D. Henley's Dream

  6. Gilt Gold Scabs

  7. Ponds and Puddles

  8. Not Having Found

  9. Tour Along the Potomac

  10. Jolly Jolly Jolly Ego

  11. Time Birthed Spilled Blood

  12. Drilling Profitably

  13. Finches' Song at Oceanic Parking Lot


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

John Zorn - Filmworks IV: S/M and more

one of zorn's more accessible works, containing 5 different songs he created for 5 different films. thus the pieces' genres vary quite much (nevertheless they fit together regarding their [tag]gloomy[/tag] mood)


  1. Pueblo

  2. Elegant Spanking (Suite)

  3. Credits Included [Politics/Asylum]

  4. Maogai [Suite/Variations]

  5. A Lot of Fun for the Evil One