Friday, October 19, 2007

Neon Blonde - Chandeliers In The Savannah (2005)

Neon Blonde is the side project of Johnny Whitney and Mark Gajadhar (The Blood Brothers).


  1. Black Cactus Killers

  2. Crystal Beaches Never Turned Me On (*)

  3. Chandeliers And Vines

  4. Princess Skullface Sings

  5. New Detroit

  6. Headlines

  7. Love Hounds

  8. Dead Mellotron

  9. Cherries In Slow Motion

  10. Future Is A Mesh Stallion

  11. Wings Made Out Of Noise


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Friday, October 12, 2007

Einstürzende Neubauten - Kollaps (1981)


  1. Tanz Debil

  2. Steh Auf Berlin

  3. Negativ Nein

  4. U-Haft Muzak

  5. Draußen Ist Feindlich

  6. Hören Mit Schmerzen

  7. Jet'm

  8. Kollaps

  9. Sehnsucht

  10. Vorm Krieg

  11. Hirnsäge

  12. Abstieg Und Zerfall (*)

  13. Helga

  14. Negativ Nein (Live)


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Té - Naraba, Imi Kara Kaihou Sareta Hibiki Ha “Oto” No Sekai No Shinen Wo Kataru (2006)


  1. It Must Be Called "Intelligence" If People Stop When The Realize The Are Not Able To Become What The Are Wishing To Be (*)

  2. A Thought Would Never Let People "Watch" What They Choose. Instead, It Let Them See What They Hope To See

  3. Anxiety Is Not About The Issue. It Is Actually About People's "Mind" Related To The Issue That They Are Afraid Of

  4. Avarice Would Speak With Every Word, It "Acts" Every part And It Even Pretends To Be Not Avaricious

  5. A Real "Imitation" Is The Imitation That Let People See The Ridiculousness Of The Boring Original One

  6. It Is Supposed To Be "Ordinary" That Imagination Moves Much Faster And More Freely Than Bright Light In The Darkness

  7. "Existence" Of Eloquence Is Only A Look Of People's Face That Remain Silence, And It Even Beats Any Kind Of Words

  8. Anger Kills All The Idiots, And Envy Would Torture Foolish People And All The "Instance" Being Involved

  9. We Promise With A View To Hope, But The Reason To "Accomlish" What We Promised Would be Fear

  10. A Reality That People Are Living In This World Is Lot "More" Complicated Than The Fantasy-Land That They Imagine


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Merzbow - Electric Salad (1996)


  1. Prologue

  2. Electric Salad

  3. Metallic Fever Echo



Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blumfeld - L’Etat Et Moi (1994)

  1. Draußen auf Kaution

  2. Jet Set

  3. 2 oder 3 Dinge, die ich von dir weiß

  4. Walkie Talkie

  5. Eine Eigene Geschichte

  6. Verstärker

  7. Ich - Wie Es Wirklich War

  8. L'Etat Et Moi (Mein Vorgehen In 4, 5 Sätzen)

  9. Sing Sing

  10. Evergreen

  11. Superstarfighter

  12. You Make Me


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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Arvo Pärt - Alina (1999)


  1. Spiegel im Spiegel

  2. Für Alina

  3. Spiegel im Spiegel

  4. Für Alina

  5. Spiegel im Spiegel



Massacre - Meltdown (2001)


  1. Up For It / Song For Che / Closing Circles And Loose End

  2. Hover

  3. For Food and Scatter

  4. Figure Out

  5. The Empire Strikes Back

  6. Over



Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Twinkle Echo (2003)


  1. To My Mr. Smith

  2. Jeane, If You're Ever in Portland

  3. Toby, Take a Bow

  4. It Wasn't the Same Somehow

  5. Hey Eleanor

  6. Half Ghost

  7. Calloused Fingers Won't Make You Strong, Edith Wong

  8. Blue Corolla

  9. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone in a Yellow T-Shirt

  10. Students for Scarves & Charm

  11. Roberta C.

  12. Attic Room

  13. Giant

  14. Twinkle Echo


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