Monday, December 14, 2009

Jazz Summit Hollabrunn 1985 (Video)

Jazz Summit Hollabrunn 1985 (Video)

Jul 1985: blue danube summit, Hollabrunn, Austria

Too much music for three days.

3 Stages - A lot of great music missed...

Highlighted Artists are on the video

Miles Davis Septet
Modern Jazz Quartet
Astrud Gilberto Group
Shankar - Jan Garbarek Group
Jamalaadeen Tacuma Band
Mingus Dynasty
Charlie Mariano - Jasper van't Hof Group
Albert Mair Group
James Brown Revue
Woody Herman All Stars
Airto Moreira & Flora Purim Group

Astor Piazzolla Sextet
Cedar Walton Quartet
Jackie McLean Sextet
Tommy Flanagan Trio
Leon Thomas - Jimmy Witherspoon Band w/ Arnett Cobb
Pharoah Sanders Quarrtet
Lou Donaldson Quartet
Benny Wallace Trio
Steve Lacy solo
Wide Fields
Fats Domino Rhythm & Blues Explosion
Joe Zawinul solo .
Working Week
Stéphane Grappelli Trio
George Wein's Newport All Stars(Donald Byrd, Woody Shaw, Johnny Griffin, Nathan Davis, Slide Hampton, Kenny Drew, Jimmy Woode)
Gilberto Gil Brazilian Band
Lounge Lizards w/ John Lurie
Bob Moses Group
Joanne Brackeen - Clint Houston Duo
Big Band Machine

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Squarepusher - Feed Me Weird Things (1996)

  1. Squarepusher Theme

  2. Tundra

  3. The Swifty

  4. Dimotane Co

  5. Smedleys Melody

  6. Windscale 2

  7. North Circular

  8. Goodnight Jade

  9. Theme From Ernest Borgnine

  10. U.F.O.'s Over Leytonstone

  11. Kodack

  12. Future Gibbon

Quality: lossless (flac)

Superficial Depth - Digital Superimposing (1997)

Superficial Depth is another pseudonym of Uwe Schmidt, who is known under several further pseudonyms like Atom Heart, Atom™, Aerial Service Area, ...

  1. Digital Superimposing

Runtime: 69:50
Quality: 221 kbps vbr

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Xploding Plastix - Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents (2001)

  1. Sports, Not Heavy Crime

  2. Funnybones & Lazylegs

  3. G-hours Starlight

  4. Behind The Eightball

  5. Single Stroke Ruffs

  6. Treat Me Mean, I Need The Reputation

  7. Relieved Beyond Repair

  8. Tintinn Amputation

  9. More Powah To Yah

  10. Having Smarter Babies

  11. Far-flung Tonic

  12. Happy Jizz Girls

  13. Doubletalk Gets Through To You

  14. Comatose Luck

Quality: 160 kbps cbr

Squarepusher - Hard Normal Daddy (1997)

  1. Coopers World

  2. Beep Street

  3. Rustic Raver

  4. Anirog D9

  5. Chin Hippy

  6. Papalon

  7. E8 Boogie

  8. Fat Controller

  9. Vic Acid

  10. Male Pill Part 13

  11. Rat-P's And Q's

  12. Rebus

Quality: ~200 kbps vbr

Skalpel - Skalpel (2004)

  1. High

  2. Not Too Bad

  3. 1958

  4. Together

  5. So Far

  6. Break In

  7. Quiz

  8. Asphodel

  9. Theme From 'behind The Curtain'

  10. Sculpture

Quality: ~200 kbps vbr

Kid Koala - Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs (2003)

  1. Strat Hear

  2. Basin Street Blues

  3. Radio Nufonia

  4. Stompin' At Le Savoi

  5. Space Cadet 2

  6. Grandmaphone Speaks

  7. Shanky Panky

  8. Flu Season

  9. Robochacha

  10. Elevator Hopper

  11. Annie's Parlor

  12. Bonus Materials- On The Set Of Fender Bender

  13. More Dance Music

  14. Vacation Island

  15. Negatron Speaks

Quality: 192 kbps cbr

Kid Koala - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (2000)

  1. Strut Hear

  2. Nerdball

  3. Fender Bender

  4. Drunk Trumpet

  5. Roboshuffle

  6. Barhopper 1

  7. Music For Morning People

  8. Naptime

  9. A Night At The Nufonia

  10. Temple Of Gloom

  11. Scurvy

  12. Like Irregular Chickens

  13. Barhopper 2

  14. Roll Credits

Quality: 192 kbps cbr (ogg)

Jaga Jazzist - A Livingroom Hush (2001)

  1. Animal Chin

  2. Going Down

  3. Press Play

  4. Airborne

  5. Real Racecars Have Doors

  6. Low Battery

  7. Midget

  8. Made For Radio

  9. Lithuania

  10. Cinematic

Quality: 192 kbps cbr

Miles Davis - The Complete Columbia Recordings of Miles Davis and John Coltrane

CD 1:

  1. Two bass hit (alternate take)

  2. Two bass hit (album version)

  3. Ah-leu-cha (alternate take)

  4. Ah-leu-cha (album version)

  5. Ah-leu-cha (take 5)

  6. Little Melonae (album version)

  7. Budo (alternate take)

  8. Budo (album version)

  9. Dear old Stockholm (album version)

  10. Bye bye Blackbird (alternate take)

  11. Bye bye Blackbird (album version)

  12. Tadd's delight (alternate take)

  13. Tadd's delight (alternate take)

CD 2:

  1. Dear old Stockholm (alternate take)

  2. All of you (alternate take)

  3. All of you (album version)

  4. Sweet Sue, just you (first version)

  5. Sweet Sue, just you (false start with discussion by Leonard Bernstein & Miles Davis)

  6. Sweet Sue, just you (alternate take)

  7. Sweet Sue, just you (album version)

  8. Miles Davis comments (album version)

  9. 'round midnight (album version)

  10. Two bass hit (alternate take)

  11. Two bass hit (album version)

  12. Billy Boy (album version)

  13. Straight, no chaser (alternate take)

CD 3:

  1. Straight, no chaser (album version)

  2. Milestones (alternate take)

  3. Milestones (album version)

  4. Sid's ahead (album version)

  5. Little Melonae (album version)

  6. Dr. Jackle (album version)

  7. On green Dolphin Street (album version)

  8. Fran-dance (alternate take)

  9. Fran-dance (album version)

  10. Stella by starlight (album version)

CD 4:

  1. Love For Sale

  2. Freddie Freeloader [false start]

  3. Freddie Freeloader

  4. So What

  5. Blue In Green

  6. Flamenco Sketches [alternate take]

  7. [Miles Davis comments]

  8. Flamenco Sketches [take 2]

  9. All Blues

CD 5:

  1. Some day my prince will come (album version)

  2. Teo (album version)

  3. Introduction by Willis Connover (album version)

  4. Ah-leu-cha (album version)

  5. Straight, no chaser (album version)

  6. Fran-dance (album version)

  7. Two bass hit (album version)

  8. Bye bye Blackbird (live)

  9. The theme (live)

CD 6:

  1. If I were a bell (live)

  2. Oleo (live)

  3. My funny Valentine (live)

  4. Straight, no chaser (live)

Quality: lossless

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Atom™ - Liedgut (2009)

  1. Weisses Rauschen (einleitung)

  2. Wellen und Felder I

  3. Wellen und Felder II

  4. Wellen und Felder III

  5. Wellen und Felder IV

  6. Uberleitung

  7. Funksignal

  8. Interferenz 1

  9. Im Rausch der Gegenwart 1

  10. Interferenz 2

  11. Wellen

  12. Mittlere Composition No. I

  13. Mittlere Composition No. II

  14. Mittlere Composition No. III

  15. Weisses Rauschen (Erster Teil)

  16. Berge und Taler

  17. Im Rausch der Gegenwart 2

  18. Weisses Rauschen (Zweiter Teil)

  19. Weisses Rauschen (Ausleitung)

  20. Weisses Rauschen (Ausleitung 2)

Quality: 192 kbps cbr


K-The-I??? - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (2008)

  1. 400 On The BPM

  2. Before The Session

  3. Trading Places Feat. Nocando

  4. Decisions

  5. Cell-Shaded-Daydreams-Nightmares

  6. Marathon Man Feat. Thavius Beck

  7. Let's Make Moves Feat. Vyle

  8. Lead The Floor

  9. Stylin' Feat, Subtitle

  10. Never Heard It Done Like This Feat. High Priest

  11. Just Listen

  12. Sabbath Faster Feat. Busdriver

  13. Finger Painting

  14. Man Or Machine Feat. Mestizo

Quality: 320 kbps cbr


Fila Brazillia - Black Market Gardening (1996)

  1. Obrigado

  2. Snake Ranger

  3. Little Dipper

  4. Blubber Plinth

  5. Butter My Mask

  6. Wigs, Bifocals and Nurishment

  7. Xique-Xique

  8. Onc Mongaani

  9. July 23

Quality: 160 kbps cbr

Thavius Beck - Give Us Free! (2007)

  1. Post Cruz

  2. New Rooms

  3. Pre Cruz

  4. A Thousand Years

  5. Revenga Redux

  6. New OS (Live)

  7. F-Day

  8. Catalyst

  9. Ohhhkayyy

  10. Blind

  11. BM

  12. OS 2 Seq 5

  13. No Satellite

Quality: 320 kbps cbr


Friday, December 4, 2009

Alog - Duck-Rabbit (2001)


  1. Islands Of Memory

  2. Objects Began To Appear From The Future

  3. Violence And Magical Danger

  4. Fire's For Burning

  5. Duck-Rabbit

  6. Idea-Changing Liquid Alchemy

  7. Your Secret Flesh

  8. As Complicated And As Beautiful As Always

  9. Drunk DJ's

Quality: 256 kbps cbr



Thursday, December 3, 2009

Burton & McPherson Quartet - Live at BZ St.Magdalena 2009 11 29

Abraham Burton ist gebürtiger New Yorker. Schon in der High School wurde sein Interesse
für Musik geweckt und später an der Hartt School zur Meisterschaft vertieft. Sein Lehrmeister
und Professor war niemand anderer als Jackie McLean. Danach spielte er fünf Jahre bei Arthur
Taylor, bevor er 1994 sein eigenes Quartett gründete.

Eric McPherson stammt ebenfalls aus New York und besuchte die Hartt School of Music.
Es war Michael Carvin, der ihn in die Band von Jackie McLean empfahl, wo er die Nachfolge
so großer Namen wie Michael Carvin, Billy Higgins, Jack de Johnette und Tony Williams antrat.
15 Jahre, bis zu McLeans Tod blieb er sein Schlagzeuger.

David Bryant hat erst kürzlich sein Studium am New England Conservatory of Music beendet
und macht sich nun einen Namen auf der New Yorker Szene, wo er bereits mit Ravi Coltrane,
Christian Scott und Steve Davis zusammengearbeitet hat.

Dezron Douglas hat nach seinem Studium an der Hartt School of Music unter Nat Reeves,
Jackie McLean und Steve Davis bereits mit Größen wie Branford Marsalis, Wynard Harper und
Eddie Henderson gearbeitet.

English by Google:
Abraham Burton is a native New Yorker. Even in high school, his interest was
wake of Music and later at the Hartt School deepened to the championship. His teacher
professor was none other than Jackie McLean. He then played five years with Arthur
Taylor, before in 1994 formed his own quartet.

Eric McPherson is also from New York and attended the Hartt School of Music.
It was Michael Carvin, who recommended him to the band of Jackie McLean, where he succeeds
took such great names as Michael Carvin, Billy Higgins, Jack de Johnette, Tony Williams.
15 years, until McLean's death, he remained his drummer.

David Bryant has recently completed his studies at the New England Conservatory of Music
and makes itself a name on the New York scene, where he is already with Ravi Coltrane,
Christian Scott and Steve Davis has worked.

Dezron Douglas after his studies at the Hartt School of Music under Nat Reeves,
Jackie McLean and Steve Davis already with greats like Branford Marsalis, Wynard Harper and
Eddie Henderson worked.


Abraham Burton - Saxophone
David Bryant - Piano
Dezron Douglas - Bass
Eric McPherson - Drums

Size:288 MB


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jega - Geometry (2000)


  1. Alternating Bit

  2. Syntax Tree

  3. Recursion

  4. Geometry

  5. Rigid Body Dynamics

  6. Doric

  7. Breakpoint Envelope

  8. Inertia

  9. Binary Space

  10. Static

  11. Post Mid Arc

  12. Motion Math

  13. Subdivision Surfaces

Quality: 320 kbps cbr