Friday, August 22, 2008

Annie Gosfield - Burnt Ivory and Loose Wires (1998)

Influenced by Harry Partch, Sun Ra and San Francisco’s Musee Mecanique’s collection of old nickelodeons and player pianos, Annie Gosfield presents us with a new view of microtonal music.
The sounds of a percussion factory, a destroyed piano and an abandoned guitar are twisted into sophisticated compositions incorporating tuned and detuned instruments, traditional and non-traditional techniques, composition and improvisation.
Also included is an exciting premiere composition for saxophone quartet performed here by the world-renown group Rova, and one of the best solo sampler pieces you’re ever likely to hear.
1. Nickolaievski Soldat
2. Freud
3. The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory: Part I
4. The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory: Part II
5. Four Roses
6. Blue Serge
7. Brawl

Quality: 128 kbps cbr

Download: AG-BIandLW.rar


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