Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pharoah Sanders - Rejoice(1981)

This was the first Pharoah Sanders album I bought way back in 1982 and I guess the rest is history.
I snapped up most of his catalogue over the years (posting many of the harder to find Impule lps here)
and have seen him play live on numerous occassions.I still rate this double vinyl set as much now as
I did then so here it is ripped from the original Theresa vinyl @320.I can't find it posted anywhere
else in Blogland which is surprising so another first at Orgy In Rhythm.
Very Highly Recommended.

Personnel: Pharoah Sanders (tenor saxophone, vocals, bells), B. Kazuko Ishida, George V. Johnson (vocals),
Danny Moore (trumpet), Steve Turre (trombone), Lois Colin (harp), Bobby Hutcherson (vibraphone),
Joe Bonner (piano, background vocals), John Hicks (piano), Peter Fujii (guitar, background vocals),
Jorge Pomar (bass, background vocals), Art Davis (bass), Babatunde (drums, percussion, background vocals),
Elvin Jones, Billy Higgins (drums), Big Black (percussion, background vocals).

A two-LP set on Theresa this features Pharoah Sanders in excellent form in 1981. Sanders sounds much
more mellow than he had a decade earlier, often improvising in a style similar to late-'50s John Coltrane,
particularly on "When Lights Are Low," "Moments Notice" and "Central Park West." The personnel changes
on many of the selections and includes such top players as pianists Joe Bonner and John Hicks, bassist
Art Davis, drummers Elvin Jones and Billy Higgins, vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, trombonist Steve Turre,
trumpeter Danny Moore, a harpist and (on "Origin" and "Central Park West") five vocalists.
The music always holds on to one's interest, making this one of Sanders's better later recordings.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide


  1. 1. Rejoice - Pharoah Sanders, Sanders, Pharoah

  2. 2. High Life - Pharoah Sanders, Sanders, Pharoah

  3. 3. Nigerian Juju Hilife - Pharoah Sanders,

  4. 4. Origin - Pharoah Sanders, Sanders, Pharoah

  5. 5. When Lights Are Low - Pharoah Sanders, Carter, Benny [1]

  6. 6. Moment's Notice - Pharoah Sanders, Coltrane, John

  7. 7. Central Park West - Pharoah Sanders, Coltrane, John

  8. 8. Ntjilo Ntjilo/Bird Song - Pharoah Sanders,

  9. 9. Farah - Pharoah Sanders,

Quali: 320 kBit/s
Size: 105 MB
Source: Vinyl



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