Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Diesler - Keepie Uppies

Jonathan Radford’s Diesler project reinforces the Cherrystone’s notion that every cloud has its silver lining (or every piece of vinyl has a sample on it). Diesler is a one-man bandito who grew up out in the sticks near Burnley and still resides in the surrounding valley. Early musical influences included a varied selection of artists including David Holmes, To Rococo Rot, Can, Andy Votel, Cherrystones, and The Remote Viewer to name a few: film is also is a big influence, with the combination of score, sound effects and images paralleling the densely-produced collage of instrumentalism and beats in Jonathan’s music.

  1. Pathos

  2. Charmed (feat. Laura Vane)

  3. 900 Degrees

  4. Day Of The Jackall

  5. Real Cold

  6. Day Dream (feat. Double Yellow)

  7. A Little Something (feat. Laura Vane)

  8. Stylus Rise (feat. Joseph Malik)

  9. La Playas

  10. Cannibal Lunch (feat. Double Yellow)

  11. Waltz 'till Dawn

  12. Safe Code

Quality: 140kbps

Size: 55MB

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/190261533/D-KU.zip

PW: wharfinger.extra.hu


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