Sunday, January 18, 2009


CODONA is a fusion jazz trio born during the late 70’s.
CODONA’s name is derived from the leading letters of the first names of its three members.
It has an Indian feel due to the presence of sitar/tabla player Collin Walcott (“co”).
He is accompanied by the trumpeter Don Cherry (“do”) who is a founder of free jazz,
(notably worked with the Indian jazz fusion artist L. Shankar),
the adventurous Brazilian percussionist Nana Vasconcelos (“na”),
also known for his work with the Pat Metheny Group. N...CODONA is a fusion jazz trio
born during the late 70’s.

Next to Walcott personal “eastern” touch, this project is also a great fusion between
several “world” influences, from Africa, to Japan. Three “eclectic”, “ethereal” albums have
been released for ECM.
They are all essential for fans of "world" fusion jazz music.


  1. CODONA - III - 1. Goshakabuchi

  2. CODONA - III - 2. He Da Ba Doom

  3. CODONA - III - 3. Travel By Night

  4. CODONA - III - 4. Lullaby

  5. CODONA - III - 5. Trayra Boia

  6. CODONA - III - 6. Clicky Clacky

  7. CODONA - III - 7. Inner Organs

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