Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Herbaliser Band - Session One

Session One is an album released by The Herbaliser on 26 May 2000. While the band had been together since the mid 1990s, contributing to and promoting Herbaliser's largely electronically produced albums, this was the first and to date the only studio album recorded with a live band. It is also the only album released under the group name The Herbaliser Band.

Each track is a live band representation of a track from the first three Herbaliser albums, Remedies, Blow Your Headphones and Very Mercenary. Most tracks are completely instrumental, and vocals are only present in sample form on two tracks ("Who's the Realest?" and "The Sensual Woman").

  1. Who's The Realest

  2. Ginger Jumps The Fence

  3. The Sensual Woman

  4. The Missing Suitcase

  5. Shocka Zulu

  6. Shattered Soul

  7. Goldrush

  8. Forty Winks

Quality: 192kbps

Size: 58MB

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/190205623/THB-SO.zip

PW: wharfinger.extra.hu


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