Saturday, July 7, 2007

Otomo Yoshihide - Cathode (1999)

With 1999's Cathode, Otomo Yoshihide presents a mix of his experimental material. On the opening and closing tracks, "Modulation #2" and "Modulation #1" respectively, he makes full use of sine waves alongside the sounds of the sho, a traditional Japanese instrument. It should be noted that while some listeners find sine waves refreshing and mind-expanding, as they penetrate areas of your mind that sound does not normally hit so directly, other listeners -- specifically, those with tinnitus or other sensitivity to high-pitched sounds -- will find these frequencies unbearable. In contrast, "Cathode #1" presents an improvising ensemble of samplers and electronics, and traditional instruments, from cello to shamisen. The following cut, "Cathode #2" finds Yoshihide working solo, sampling on a hard disk recorder. Yoshihide continues to explore sound experimentation with this release, never looking back to past projects such as Ground Zero.


  1. Modulation #2

  2. Cathode #1

  3. Cathode #2

  4. Modulation #1



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