Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Harry Partch - Seventeen Lyrics Of Li Po (1995)

17 lyrics by Li Po (chinese poet of the eighth century) put to music


  1. The Long Departed Lover

  2. On The City Street

  3. An Encounter in the Field

  4. The Intruder

  5. On Ascending the Sin-Ping Tower

  6. In the Springtime on the South Side of the Yangtze Kiang

  7. The Night of Sorrow

  8. On Hearing the Flute in the Yellow Crane house

  9. On Hearing the Flute at Lo-Cheng One Spring

  10. A Dream

  11. On Seeing Off Meng Hao-Jan

  12. On the Ship of Spice-wood

  13. With a Man of Leisure

  14. A Midnight Farewell

  15. Before the Cask of Wine

  16. By the Great Wall

  17. I am a Peach Tree



1 comment:

  1. Great thing! There are not much of Partch's works around in the blogosphere. I understand that this is a re-work done by some of the usual Tzadik musicians and not by Partch's own group.

    Thanks a lot for providing such unique and wonderful music, alex!!