Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ikue Mori - Hex Kitchen (1995)

high-class [tag]avant-garde[/tag] music.
Ikue Mori (sampler, drum machines, vocals), Hideki Kato (bass), John Zorn (clarinet), David Watson (bagpipes), Jim Staley (trombone), Hahn Rowe (guitar, bass, violin), Zeena Parkins (keyboards, accordion, electric harp), Catherine Jauniaux (vocals)


  1. Slush

  2. Woke Up Aghast

  3. Angler Fish

  4. Shiver

  5. Recipe

  6. Loopls

  7. Kiss Of Fire

  8. Eight Million Ways To Die

  9. Clapper

  10. Dau Miu

  11. Hive



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  1. thank you! I am sad to say this is my first exposure to IM. Sad because it's taken this long, but I am very thankful for your post!