Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chicko Freeman - Tangents(1984)

An interesting if quite diverse set, this album is best remembered for featuring up-and-coming singer Bobby McFerrin on a few selections.
McFerrin has his moments, as does tenor saxophonist Chico Freeman and such notable sidemen as altoist Steve Coleman, John Purcell on reeds,
either Kenny Werner or Mark Thompson on piano, Freeman's longtime bassist Cecil McBee and drummer Billy Hart, among others.
The material (by Freeman, Thompson and Werner) is actually not that significant, and the date on a whole is less memorable than many of Chico Freeman's earlier sets, but it has its enjoyable spots.

~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Line Up:

Mark Thompson - Piano,
Kenny Werner - Synthesizer, Piano
John Purcell - Woodwind
Waits, Frederick - Percussion, Drums,
James Bradley, Jr. - Drums,
Steve Coleman - Alto, Soprano,
Chico Freeman - Flute, Percussion, Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Tenor), Producer, Woodwind,
Billy Hart - Drums,
Jay Hoggard - Vibraphone,
Cecil McBee - Bass,
Bobby McFerrin - Vocals,


Chicko Freeman - Tangents(1984) - 1. Tangents 7:52
Chicko Freeman - Tangents(1984) - 2. Sir Tashi and the Yeti 5:40
Chicko Freeman - Tangents(1984) - 3. Ballad for Hakima 3:23
Chicko Freeman - Tangents(1984) - 4. Fifty Tenth Street 5:12
Chicko Freeman - Tangents(1984) - 5. Computerized Indifference 5:42
LISTEN to Computerized Indifference
Chicko Freeman - Tangents(1984) - 6. Sangoma and Nelly 4:59
Chicko Freeman - Tangents(1984) - 7. You Are the One 7:22
Chicko Freeman - Tangents(1984) - 8. Spook and Fade 6:53

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