Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miles Davis (Kind Of Blue - 50th Anniversary Edition DVD)

Everyone who loves good jazz or music in general will know this album,so just a quick note on the quality of the discs. Perhaps I was lucky but my three discs were all right. The DVD had a slight mark in one spot,however it too was ok. The audio discs were fine. However I can't believe that the brains at Sony couldn't find a better way to package the three discs,instead of slipping them bare into a half cardboard sleeve. My 180 gram vinyl record was also in good shape. I have transferred the three discs into traditional plastic cases for protection. The book is very handsome and is well done. The poster is ok-nothing to get excited over. The photo reprints are nice as is the copy of the hand written album notes by Bill Evans. I still think this set is a bit on the expensive side,considering that this album has reaped a ton of profit. For Davis and jazz collectors it will be a "must buy". For everyone else,maybe the price will come down in the future.

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