Tuesday, May 5, 2009

James Carter - in carterian fashion

James (Larry) Carter (born January 3, 1969) is an American jazz musician.

Carter was born in Detroit, Michigan and learned to play there before moving to New York City. He has been prominent as a performer and recording artist on the jazz scene since the mid-1990s, playing saxophones, flute, and bass clarinet. As a young man, he attended Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and was a member of the group, Bird-Trane-Sco-Now. On his album, Chasin' the Gypsy (2000), he recorded with his cousin Regina Carter, a jazz violinist. Carter has won the critics' choice award for baritone saxophone three years in a row from
Down Beat magazine. He has played on albums with Cyrus Chestnut, Wynton Marsalis and the Mingus Big Band. James is a big fan of P.Mauriat saxophones, recording his latest album "Present Tense" exclusively with P.Mauriat horns. James has now been an active endorser of the brand for several years.

# Audio CD (May 19, 1998)
# Original Release Date: May 19, 1998
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Atlantic / Wea

1. Lianmo (LP Version) 4:54
2. Down To The River (LP Version) 4:03
3. Don's Idea (LP Version) 5:11
4. Skull Grabbin' (LP Version) 6:36
5. Odyssey (LP Version) 7:59
6. Trouble In The World (LP Version) 6:47
7. Escape From Bizarro World (LP Version) 6:03
8. Frisco Follies (LP Version) 6:44
9. Lockjaw's Lament (LP Version) 7:26
10. In Carterian Fashion (LP Version) 6:28

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* 1991: Tough Young Tenors: Alone Together
* 1994: J.C. on the Set
* 1995: Jurassic Classics
* 1995: The Real Quietstorm
* 1996: Conversin' with the Elders
* 1998: In Carterian Fashion
* 2000: Layin' in the Cut
* 2000: Chasin' the Gypsy
* 2003: Gardenias for Lady Day
* 2004: Live at Baker's Keyboard Lounge
* 2005: Out of Nowhere
* 2005: Gold Sounds (Tribute to Pavement)
* 2008: "Present tense"

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