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Karl Ratzer - Fingerprints(1979)

Jazz musician Karl Ratzer, a singer, composer, and guitarist, was born in Vienna, but he got his start
in the music world in the '60s with funk and rock bands in Austria. In 1972, he moved to the
United States and began working with a group best known as Rufus & Chaka Khan. In 1977, Ratzer
formed a band with Dan Wall, Jeremy Steig, Ray Mantilla, Eddie Gomez, and Joe Chambers. Over his
career, Ratzer has worked with a well-known mix of funk, pop, jazz, and blues artists such as Art
Farmer, Chet Baker, James Moody, Bob Berg, Steve Grossman, Eddie "lockjaw" Davis, and many others.
In 1978, Ratzer saw the release of his debut album, In Search Of The Ghost. The album received
fantastic reviews, as did his 1979 album, Street Talk. Both were recorded under the Vanguard label.
He has also recorded for the CMP, ENJA, and RST labels. Ratzer's 1997 debut album for the ENJA label,
Saturn Returning, which showcased tracks like "Silent Rain," "Just What You Need," and "Main Squeeze,"
won him an Austria's Best Jazz Artist of the Year award. He also recorded Moon Dancer for ENJA with
pianist Oliver Kent, drummer Lukas Knöfler, percussionist Ricardo Mateus, bassist Heinz Jäger, and
accordionist Karl Hodina.
~ Charlotte Dillon, All Music Guide

Karl Ratzer el-g,
Dan Wall org, p,
Neal Starkey b,
Al Nicholson d,
Ray Mantilla cga, perc,


  1. Karl Ratzer - Fingerprints - 1. New Walz

  2. Karl Ratzer - Fingerprints - 2. Between The Lines

  3. Karl Ratzer - Fingerprints - 3. Diane

  4. Karl Ratzer - Fingerprints - 4. Nothern People

  5. Karl Ratzer - Fingerprints - 5. Southern People

  6. Karl Ratzer - Fingerprints - 6. Fingerprints

  7. Karl Ratzer - Fingerprints - 7. Know It Already

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