Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Caribbean Jazz Project - Here And Now, Live In Concert(2005)

Dave Samuels (co)founded the Caribbean Jazz Project years ago and is the only one remaining at present.
After years of different lineups and various co-frontmen he finally found the (in my opinion) ideal
combination of instruments on their former release "Birds of a Feather", by choosing a trumpet player
next to his vibes/marimba. Following the magnificent "Birds of a Feather" is this wonderful 2 cd live
set, recorded over a series of three nights at the Manchester Crafts Guild in Pittsburg. The group this
time consists of: Diego Urcola - trumpet, Dario Eskenazi - piano, Oscar Stagnaro - bass,
Mark Walker - drums and Roberto Quintero - percussion. Diego Urcola does a good job in replacing
Ray Vega and Randy Brecker on the last album and Mark Walker is just one of the finest latin
jazz drummers around and shows here what an incredibly swinging force he is. There are many good things
to be said about this album. Whereas I found their studio albums sounding somewhat sterile, this live
set really smokes and gives a much more spontaneous feel. A good example is my favorite track of the
album, "One Step Ahëad", which makes for an enthralling 11 minutes listen and making this cd worth
buying on its own merit! But there is so much more to enjoy here: The choice of material is really
good (although I could have done without "On The Road"), with some standards done in mostly refreshing
ways along strong originals by mainly leader Dave Samuels. All in all, this disc comes highly
recommended for both first-time and long-time latin jazz listeners!

Dave Samuels - vibraphone, marimba
Mark Walker - drums
Diego Urcola - trumpet, flugelhorn
Oscar Stagnaro - bass instrument
Roberto Quintero - congas, percussion
Dario Eskenazi - piano



  1. 01 - Rendevous

  2. 02 - Stolen Moments

  3. 03 - Turnabout

  4. 04 - Arthur's Dance

  5. 05 - The Gathering

  6. 06 - Picture Frame

  7. 07 - Bemsha Swing


  1. 01 - One Step Ahead

  2. 02 - Mariella's Dream

  3. 03 - On The Road

  4. 04 - Five For Elvin

  5. 05 - Naima

  6. 06 - Night In Tunisia

  7. 07 - Viva Cepeda

Quali: 256
Size: 115 + 120 MB
Source: CD



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