Saturday, September 15, 2007

Electric Six - I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being A Master

After the two kick-ass albums "Fire" and "Senor Smoke" (it's better not to mention the crappy "Switzerland") this is the fourth album of the crazy rock band Electric Six. Good to see they're trying to get back to their roots. Enjoy.

01. It’s Showtime!
02. Down at McDonnellzzzzz
03. Dance Pattern
04. Rip It!
05. Feed My Fuckin’ Habit
06. Riding on the White Train
07. Broken Machine
08. When I Get to the Green Building
09. Randy’s Hot Tonight!
10. Kukuxumushu
11. I Don’t Like You
12. Lucifer Airlines
13. Lenny Kravitz
14. Fabulous People
15. Sexy Trash
16. Dirty Looks
PW: Disco


  1. sth wrong wit da package - mine's empty://

  2. It's working for me. Try downloading again.

  3. could be an outdated version of winrar, too

  4. File deleted by Rapidshare server ?
    Please, could you reupload ?
    Thanks in advance :)

  5. Well, to soon to say if it’s good, but at least it’s well designed.
    I mean I thought I would be blocked after adding some interests, but the site helps you to add more.

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