Sunday, June 17, 2007

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops I-IV & more

[tag]hypnotic[/tag] [tag]minimalist[/tag] [tag]ambient[/tag]-music consisting of stunningly warm and beautiful synthesizer-[tag]loops[/tag]. the tracks were recorded back in the 80s and now transferred from tapes to hard-disk while slowly disintegrating.

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops I


  1. D|P 1.1 (63:29 min)

  2. D|P 2.1 (10:58 min)


William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops II


  1. D|P 2.2 (32:39 min)

  2. D|P 3 (41:53 min)


William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops III


  1. d|p 4 (20:07 min)

  2. d|p 5 (52:21 min)


William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops IV


  1. d|p 1.2 (21:50 min)

  2. d|p 1.3 (12:00 min)

  3. d|p 6 (40:36 min)


more by William Basinski:

William Basinski - Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive


  1. Part 1 (14:25 min)

  2. Part 2 (23:16 min)

  3. Part 3 (11:22 min)

  4. Part 4 (09:19 min)

  5. Part 5 (15:13 min)

  6. Part 6 (13:35 min)

  7. Part 7 (20:19 min)

  8. Part 8 (11:39 min)


William Basinski - The Garden Of Brokenness


  1. The Garden Of Brokenness (49:47 min)


William Basinski - Melancholia

  1. Melancholia 1 (03:25 min)

  2. Melancholia 2 (06:51 min)

  3. Melancholia 3 (01:54 min)

  4. Melancholia 4 (04:14 min)

  5. Melancholia 5 (01:13 min)

  6. Melancholia 6 (02:16 min)

  7. Melancholia 7 (02:26 min)

  8. Melancholia 8 (03:08 min)

  9. Melancholia 9 (03:36 min)

  10. Melancholia 10 (01:08 min)

  11. Melancholia 11 (01:17 min)

  12. Melancholia 12 (07:10 min)

  13. Melancholia 13 (02:00 min)

  14. Melancholia 14 (06:04 min)




  1. just read the post...
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  2. stunning soundtracks. keep going. the best is yet to come.

  3. Hello, Alex. I saw you're listing on Totally Fuzzy... William Basinski drew me in! Thanks for 'Melancholia' (that's about the only Basinski I didn't yet have). By the way... the password ('')- I'm guessing the 'dl' is short for 'disintegration loops', and 'am' must be your initials (Alex M.), so was your 'former project' your owm versions of disintegration loops? If so, did you ever finish them? I'm only asking because I'm heavily into sound art right now and I'd be curious to know what kinds of ideas or avenues a fellow dabbler pursues, and to what success. I hope I'm not being too personal, or asking for too much... it's just that when you find someone who shares an affinity for the same type of music (the "Disintegration Loops" are, to quote Mike Myers- like 'buttah'), and they use that music as a springboard for inventing their own music, I'm completely intrigued! Thanks for letting me rant... Bob

  4. This is awesome ... Thanks for the links. Would you happen to have "River" by any chance? My friend was raving about it ...

  5. Dear Alex, I appreciate your promoting my work but please do not fileshare my work. It is illegal, and very hurtful and insulting. My work is now widely available for digital download at numerous sites such as itunes, emusic and othermusic, among many others. You claim to be a fan of my work. If that is true, perhaps you wouldn't mind pointing your people to legitimate digital retailers who support the artists you love, such as, the best record store in NYC and some of my earliest supporters. Have you ever heard of google blog alerts? i have it. Music isn't free. Nothing any good is. Support your favorite artists by buying their work, and please don't let me find you sharing my catalogue again. Thank you very much, William Basinski

  6. Dear Alex, Your the best! Thanks so much for your kind consideration. I really appreciate it. email me sometime. Yours, william

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