Monday, December 6, 2010

Luminous Orange - Songs Of Innocence (2010)

1 Song Of Innocence
2 Untold
3 Sea Of Lights
4 Autumn Song
5 Riverboat
6 I Saw No More
7 Yueqin Spring Moon
8 Violet
9 Dusk, Train And The Bridge
10 Blaze Of Light
11 Song Of Experience

Quality: -

I'm sorry to remove the download link, but it seems "the author" isn't fine with its music being published for free.
However, I strongly recommend listening to this album. This fine warm and colourful piece of music will surely lighten up your mood.

Visit Luminous Orange's Homepage,
listen to samples,
watch a music video.
And if you like what you just heard, maybe you should buy the CD.


  1. Why the hell are you doing this?
    I am the author and really upset.

  2. 2 Luminous Orange: Fake. If you really are the author, then you must be proud rather then upset. This blog is the right way art should be presented. Josh.

  3. Ups. Sorry. Maybe you are the author. Then... don´t be upset. This won´t kill your business and the opposite is in what I belive. Josh.

  4. Well, in case you really are the author: congratulations for doing such a great album, I love it very much, it has sweetened some of those nasty winter days! Unfortunately there are people all over the world who may not know your music or don't have the money to purchase it, which is the reason I upload it, available for everyone, for free. Indeed, I didn't buy your album, but I'm barely able to make a living - some day, when I have the money I promise to buy it, just for the sake of placing it in my music shelf. This blog is for all those fellow music loving people, who probably think in similar ways. If not... they wouldn't have bought it anyway, I guess.

    Don't be upset Luminous Orange, I will delete the download link and link to your homepage. Maybe you should overthink your decision to remove your music from this blog. If you do so feel free to write a mail (tiffiho at inbox dot ru).

    Yours sincerely

  5. Oh, musikalisches Antidepressivum is immer gut. Dank dir!

  6. word. i thought music was meant for ears, thanks for posting.