Monday, January 21, 2008

Einstürzende Neubauten - Verbrannte Erde (1993)


  1. Für Den Untergang

  2. Bakterien Für Eure Seele

  3. Zuckendes Fleisch

  4. Pygmäen

  5. Kollaps (Live)

  6. Skorbut (Blixa Solo)

  7. 13 Löcher (Leben ist illegal)

  8. Aufrecht Gehen

  9. Compressed Metal

  10. Ehrlicher Stein

  11. Hamburg Atmosphere

  12. Thirsty Animal

  13. Meningitis

  14. Adler Kommt Spät

  15. Fleisch & Blut, Haut & Knochen

  16. Krieg In Den Städten (Live)

  17. Abbrennen

Quality: 192 kbps cbr




  1. Na danke! I'm back into German music once more and this is a nice collection!

  2. wow it's so funny because a i come here finding good music...and then i look the blogroll and i look my blog jajaja
    very good music, there's a lot that i recognize and there's other a lot that i don't recognize.
    it seems we have similar taste of music, so you could recommend me something.
    sorry mi english it's not so good.
    I hope your answer bye

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